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"The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling."

~ Cecil B. DeMille



"First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare."

~ Walt Disney


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"It took me 16 years to get here. You play me, and you'll get the best I've got." 

~ Roy Hobbs The Natural (1984)



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"Dugan possesses that rare quality of great film directors to emotionally connect with interview subjects and actors in a way that elicits the best possible performance. His experience across the entire film pipeline, from development to script to production and post, positions him as a real ally for any producer. He is able to see the whole of the story and the whole of what it takes to get it on camera and can deliver it as a cohesive, impactful experience for audiences."

- Patrick Reasonover Just Add Firewater Prod Co.

"He has done so much for this team - from being our voice at the round table, implementing the new standard for how production functions, and just being there for professional advice. I honestly feel like I’ve grown exponentially in this industry since learning from Dugan. Both on a personal level, but also professional."

 - Conor Spriggs PoolHouse Agency

"We all have stories to tell, but it's a rare talent who can help us make our stories compelling. Dugan does that. He embraces the collaborative process and helps you share a vision that is clearer, sharper, and rich with emotional authenticity."

- Melissa Mann Upward Globility

"Dugan was the consummate professional on the set of Rubber Room. His directing skills with our actors and crew members enabled us to produce an amazing multiple award winning pilot under budget and on schedule."

 - Achilles Katsanakis Rubber Room

"He can do everything from pre-production through post-production, and he's always happy to put up with my never-ending changes. I'm consistently satisfied with the end product, and I keep going back. Plus, he's someone you can trust with your film and reputation."

- Matt Wood FedSoc Films

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"There's no place like home."

~ Dorothy The Wizard of Oz (1939)


F7 Film Distillery harvests your stories and distills them down into potent films and commercials that your audience wants to enjoy again and again. The founder of F7, Dugan Bridges, draws on his 15+ years of experience working as an award-winning filmmaker in NYC and LA to add creative authenticity to our projects, which include multi-national brands,distribution by Amazon & TimeWarner, and features in the NY Times, USA Today & MovieMaker Magazine. In total, we have placed 5 films in distribution, garnered millions of social media views, and received over 100 International Film Festival selections - winning 40 awards.

After studying film production at the University of Georgia, Dugan moved to NYC where he cut his teeth directing projects for Samsung, Disney, and Katy Perry as the Director of Production for a large marketing firm. Switching gears, his feature The Little Tin Man was one of the first films to raise $100k through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and went on to reach worldwide distribution through Gravitas Ventures.

Leaving for the West Coast, Dugan freelanced with Dreamworks, Lionsgate, and Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back To The Future) on the lot at Universal Studios. He soon fell in love with writing while hiking the Santa Monica Mountains where several of his screenplays caught the attention of Hollywood, most notably an Oscar-winning Producer of The Departed.

Now building a family, Dugan moved to the small but creative college town of Athens where his company - F7 Film Distillery - is stationed out of the Innovation Hub at UGA, where he collaborates with clients in the US and abroad.


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